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As anyone with a successful web presence knows, it takes more than just basic web development skills to make your page stand out. Search engines like Google have become so prominent that an entire industry has developed around search engine optimization. No one knows the proprietary algorithms that search engines use to rank pages, but large corporations spend millions of dollars every year to ensure they rank above the competition. Search engine rankings are essentially a game, but as the digital marketplace becomes more and more crowded, they have become a game you have to play in order to thrive.

If you’re serious about winning the game, you need to get the pros on your team.

Before you start trying to modify your web pages on your own, you should understand what will actually work, and what will just get you penalized. SEO is a complicated system involving link management, keyword analysis and understand how web crawlers work. Most search engines have built-in spam detection systems, and if you’re inexperienced, it’s easy to have your site delisted or penalized by making rookie mistakes. Our experts will provide you personal SEO competition analysis so you will understand how to compete in the big leagues of the SEO world, without spending the big bucks.

At SEO Competition Report, we have a team of seasoned SEO professionals who can give you what you need to compete – and win.

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Professional SEO services include

  • SEO Competition Analysis

    We analyze every aspect of your website, and develop a personalized SEO plan that can get you ahead of the competition, where you belong.

  • Complete SEO Packages

    We don’t just tell you what to do, we’ll provide hands-on optimization so you can focus on what matters to you.

  • Cost-effective strategies

    Proper SEO management is much more effective than traditional advertising, meaning you save money while continuing to grow your business.

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Client Testimonials

Incredible results!

" As an independent writer, my online reputation is important to me. SEO Competition Report helped me optimize my website using tricks and tools I didn’t know existed. They offered a package that I could afford, and the payoff has been worth it. I have a much more consistent workload and as I get more gigs my reputations continues to grow. I am completely satisfied with my results, and recommend these guys to anyone with an online business. "

Clide G, Independent Writer

More customers than ever!

" My dream was to open a small custom furniture shop, and I was finally living my dreams when I opened my first store. I thought setting up a basic website would help bring in new customers, but it wasn’t getting the traffic I had hoped from. I reached out to SEO Competition Report for help, and now I am coming up in relevant searches and more customers have been visiting my store in person as well! I’m currently looking for an apprentice because I can’t handle the workload, and I couldn’t be happier. If you want to take advantage of SEO, you need to talk to these guys. "

Loraine B., Shop Owner

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